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DSTV Explora to compete in Cape 2 Rio

Brothers Gary and Bruce Neill, co-founders and directors of Exim International, and directors of Natural Herbs and Spices, will participate in the Cape2Rio 2014, a yacht race that starts on … Continue reading

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The Coreban Summer Series 2013

Natural Herbs and Spices sponsored some of the giveaways at this weekend’s Coreban series. This Saturday the 14th was the 5th Coreban Summer Series stand up paddling event. It got off to … Continue reading

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Kitchen tips

See below some kitchen tips from our followers (If you have more tips for the kitchen then please send them to – Thanks in advance!) Avocados Before you open … Continue reading

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From Source to Table

We know that herbs are leaves, and spices are fruits, seeds, flowers, roots or bark. But where do these herbs and spices grow and how do they get to our … Continue reading

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Keeping your herbs and spices fresh

Herbs and spices can transform any dish into an exotic masterpiece. Different cooks and chefs differ on whether they prefer fresh or dried spices. Some chefs need dried spices because … Continue reading

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Interesting facts about herbs and spices

Did you know? Allspice was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his journey around the Caribbean islands. Columbus was searching for pepper to take back to Europe. As we know, Chris … Continue reading

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Herbs and Spices – what are they?

Often when we think of spices, we think of curry powder or pepper. By now we’ve come to learn that there is so much more to herbs and spices. This … Continue reading

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